"NACOSS Recognition is conferred on a firm after a programme of rigorous examination conducted by NACOSS inspectors and is designed to investigate a firm's technical and managerial competence."

Independent Approval of Security Systems

NACOSS, the National Approval Council for Security Systems, is the UK independent regulatory and certification body responsible for the approval of security system companies involved in the installation and maintenance of :

and in the operation of:

and those firms undertaking:

NACOSS regulates the activities of these companies in their respective areas of operation ranging from specifying, installing and monitoring to maintaining security systems. NACOSS is not a trade association. It has no Members, provides no member services and firms cannot "join" NACOSS by paying a fee and agreeing to abide by certain rules.

NACOSS Recognition is conferred on a firm after a programme of rigorous examination conducted by NACOSS inspectors and is designed to investigate a firm's technical and managerial competence in security system installation, maintenance and monitoring.

NACOSS Gold approval is conferred on a company who has achieved the highest grade of proficiency in every aspect of their company's activities.

The Problem

The present high level of crime means that it has never been more important to protect your premises. Now, more than ever, you need effective and reliable methods of deterring and detecting intruders.

To do this, businesses and householders are turning increasingly to sophisticated electronic security systems which help to protect their property against break-ins and other types of theft. But how can you be sure that the company you employ to install your intruder alarm, access control or CCTV system will itself be competent and reliable? How can you be sure that the installation will be likely to satisfy your local police and insurance company?

The Solution

The only practical way is to use a company recognised by NACOSS, the National Approval Council for Security Systems.

NACOSS is not a trade association. It is an independent regulatory body working to ensure that your security system is of the highest quality and reliability by insisting that security Systems installed by NACOSS Recognised Firms comply with all relevant British Standards, such as BS 4737 for intruder alarms, and also with the security industry's own Codes of Practice.

NACOSS Recognition is only awarded after rigorous checks on a firm applying for this status. The firm's technical expertise, business ability, quality management and company administration are all scrutinised.

NACOSS requires all its Recognised companies to have, or gain in two years, the international quality management standard ISO 9000 (formerly known as BS 5750). This means that those companies will design, install and maintain installations to consistently high standards of quality.

NACOSS awards ISO 9000 certificates exclusively to firms in the electronic security. It is accredited to do this by the Department of Trade and Industry through the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). This means that NACOSS and its Quality Assured firms are permitted to display the 'crown and tick' logo showing that the standard to which they operate is one recognised by the government.

Why choose a NACOSS Recognised Firm ?

Customer commitment: NACOSS firms should provide you with the best possible service and, to this end, every branch of every NACOSS Recognised Firm is inspected to a specified programme every year. These visits cover the quality of installed security systems and other aspects of the company's management including security screening of staff. If you are not satisfied with the service provided by a NACOSS firm, you may use the formal complaint procedure to try to resolve the matter.

Any firm which repeatedly fails to meet the required standards faces a formal disciplinary procedure which can mean a fine for non-compliance or, for more serious breaches, removal from the list of Recognised Firms.

Your insurance company: Insurance companies have been so impressed with the way NACOSS has raised standards that a great many now offer discounts to householders who purchase electronic security systems from NACOSS Recognised installers.

For commercial premises, insurers now regularly insist on security systems which have been installed by NACOSS Recognised Firms before they will provide insurance cover.

The police: The police acknowledge that NACOSS Recognised Firms comply with all the requirements set down in the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) unified policy on intruder alarms. A security system installed by a NACOSS Recognised Firm will thus be able to be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (formerly Central Monitoring Station) to summon the police should the need arise.

Wakefield Security Systems Limited are proud to be NACOSS Approved and ISO9002 Certificated.

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