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A superb unit that can be linked to any alarm system and that can be programmed to send text messages to mobile telephones.  The possibilities are endless, but one important way that this device will undoubtedly gain popularity is for summoning help for persons who are in distress or under threat.

Social workers and estate agents, for example, who regularly visit people in their homes, could end up in tricky situations.  All they need to carry with them is a small unobtrusive radio transmitter button which sends a signal to their vehicle that is parked nearby.  The receiver in the vehicle triggers a GSM text message sender, and up to six mobile telephones will be called, giving details of the whereabouts of the person in trouble.  The text message can say anything you like, and is easily programmed by using a mobile telephone.




gsm panic alarm can use many types of hand held panic button units


>>> gsm panic button alarm installed in vehicle >>> gsm panic button transmits to various types of receiver >>> gsm unit that sends text message when mobile panic button pressed >>> any mobile phone can receive panic alarm text message from gsm unit

Special 'person down' mobile transmitters can also be used with the GSM unit that automatically send a distress signal if the person falls to the ground. 

Other transmitters can be supplied that are wrist-watch style, pendant chain and brooch.

The GSM unit can also be directly wired into any burglar alarm system, fire alarm, machinery failure warning system and many other devices where notification is required that an event has occurred.

We have also devised a system that calls any telephone number or sounds an audible or visual warning when a vulnerable person does not carry out their normal daily routine.  It is entirely automatic, it responds to lack of action after a given length of time, so if someone is incapacitated and unable to call for help, the unit will raise the alarm when the set period of inactivity is exceeded. 

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